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It was one of my best days as a Dad. It was nothing I did, it was what she did. My daughter won a pair of Hooks tickets the last week of school. That night when I got home, she walks up to me, hands me the tickets and says “we can go if you want, just me and you”. That was something I didn’t think I’d hear from her. Not that she’s a bad kid or anything; she just never showed any interest in sports . Plus, she’s a girly girl, if you know what I mean.

      So last night we went as an early Fathers Day outing. I had so much fun explaining the game of baseball to her when she had questions. I tried not to get into too much detail or get really nerdy with my explanations, so I wouldn’t turn her off or confuse her. She also surprised me with how much she already knew about the game of baseball. I really wanted to ask her how she learned what she knows, but I figured it’s just best to find out another time. I don’t think she knows it, but going to a game with me was a perfect gift. Not the tickets or the place, it was her time, with me.


Get ready sports fans, ‘cause Super Bowl week is here, a weeklong buildup of interviews and predictions that rabid NFL fans can’t get enough of. I just hope that all of the hype matches the game on the field. Too many times we’ve seen it happen where one team fails to meet the expectations of the fans and experts, and blows it when it comes to game time. I really don’t think this year will be that way, but you never know. At this point on Monday morning, I’m picking the Broncos to win. I just think Peyton and the Broncos offense is that good. I know they’re going up against the number one ranked defense; even still, Peyton is the master at getting his team in the right position to make a play. The Seahawks offense and particularly Russell Wilson, has struggled lately. Can they make the plays against a good Denver defense? Or, will the Seattle defense make the plays to bring home the title to Seattle for the very first time? We’ll just have to wait and see. Thank God these games aren’t played on paper.


Week after week, someone, somewhere, will have said it loudly. “It’s all the refs fault we lost”! I can understand why some or a lot of people think exactly that. It’s usually late in a game that either a penalty was called or should have been called, that fans feel the need to blame the refs for their team’s loss. I myself have been guilty of that in the past too. But, since I’ve had the privilege of working with an official for a year now, my attitude and thought process has changed.  It’s never the last play of the game that determines the final outcome of the game. As crazy as that sounds, I believe that to be true. There are so many other plays during the entire game that determine the outcome, not just the last plays. If your team hadn’t missed a block in the first quarter, the running back would have run for a touchdown. Had your receiver not dropped a pass, had your linebacker made the tackle for loss, and so on, etc.  Remember, these refs are men and women too. Doing a job they love and sometimes get paid very little to do. So the next time you get ready to blame it on the ref, stop yourself, cause it’s not his fault.


It’s very rare that I feel like actually writing a blog, maybe Andy’s writing is rubbing off on me. Two of my three favorite teams won this past weekend.

First up, my High School Alma Mater, The Carroll Tigers. They were playing a non district game versus the big bad Calallen Wildcats. The game of course was suspended, then cancelled after a lighting and heavy rain delay. Chalk that one up to an undecided as of yet. Calallen led 7-3, with five minutes left before halftime. Who knows how this game would have ended up. I don’t think anyone would have predicted a four point lead for Calallen at the half. The Tigers have improved since last year.

Team number two: The Texas Longhorns. Thanks God they won pretty decisively against Kansas State, a team who’s dominated them for a while now. Will this win help Mack keep his job? Not if a loss to Oklahoma happens again. They way the ‘Horns have been up and down this year, I don’t see them beating the Sooners. As a Longhorn fan I want them to destroy OU, I just don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Team number three: The Dallas Cowboys. They dominated the Rams this past Sunday from the opening kickoff to the final whistle. Tony Romo looked sharp considering his bruised ribs and the offensive line looked decent.(It’s about time)  I’m more pleased with the effort from the defense. Now can they repeat that performance vs San Diego this Sunday? I sure hope so. If not, watch for all of the ABC(anyone but the Cowboys) fans to start chirping again.

No losses for my favorite teams, makes my week so much more enjoyable.



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